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My mission

We will work with you to design an ideal future and then reverse engineer a process that makes it inevitable.



You possess a finite amount of time, energy and attention. What can you do to create inevitable success? 

Behavioral Design

If today’s choices and habits are a glimpse into your future, then what does next year hold for you? 



All actions seek to answer a question. Are you trying to answer the RIGHT questions? 


Families. Teams. All relationships – not matter the context – are built on the same principles.  


Yes, words are important. But so is their framing, their purpose, and the reality from which they’re born. 


Sometimes the best resource is one who’s a mile down the road and can speak to the potholes ahead. 

Coaching Hours



Cups of Coffee

real words from the real world

"After a decade of flailing, our organization finally has a clear sense of direction. I've seen what he can do with helping individuals stay out of the way of their own success. I can promise you Lester is just as gifted at helping whole companies do the same."

James | VP of Sales, CA

"Imposter. I didn't know it, but that word was running every part of my life. It took hard conversation after hard conversation, but I'm now more successful at work than I ever thought possible. More importantly, I'm also closer to being the dad I've always dreamed of being."

Samuel | Tech Industry & Dad, TX

"I can honestly say the stability and strength of my marriage, my kids, and the health of my relationships are possible from the support and guidance of Lester. I now understand how to manage myself mentally and emotionally. I know who the best version of me is."

Tori | Sales & Mom, AZ

Make the best version of you a Priority.

I certainly will.

Professional Coaching & Consulting

Re-Tri Consulting. Learn more about the ways in which Lester and his team can support your organization through individual and team coaching, strategic consulting, workshops, and more.

Parent Coaching

Mighty Parents. Lester and team have spent decades immersed in the fields of education and leadership. Now let them bring real-world, proven strategies into your world and forever change how you think about parenting.

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