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We offer a range of services to support your organization’s needs. And before we ever step foot on your campus, it’s our responsibility to first help you gain clarity in what those needs could be, to develop a clear process to achieve them, and to secure agreement in our progress markers. 


1:1 Sessions


Strategic Plans

Team Breakdowns

Workshops |

Interactive Lunch & Learns

We have our own menu of prebuilt workshops you can choose from, or you can work with a team member to custom design a program to fit your specific organizational needs.

To offer you an idea of our work, here is a sample of our most requested workshops for this calendar year of 2021.

  • Designing the Best Version of YOU
  • Leading Remote Teams
  • High Performance Habits

Other Popular Topics We’ve delivered

Relationship Building in a Remote World

Productive By Design

Running GREAT Meetings

Creating & Maintaining Healthy Feedback Loops

Rules of Engagement: Purposeful Communication

Overwhelm & Burn Out: What It Means & How to Overcome It


Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Our team of coaches will work with both team leaders and each of its members to first help you understand the boots-on-the-ground truth of your current reality, and then design your team’s way forward into its ideal future.


Your team’s direction will be driven by its values, whether those are spoken of or not. Don’t leave your decisions – big or small – to chance. Come to understand how your team has gotten to where it is, and how it can move in the direction that’s needed.  


“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Team culture is the most neglected of performance variables, but nothing is more important when it comes to the daily motion that creates trust, collaboration, and energy – and in turn big success. 


Is your team’s behavior – the group as whole, individual players – an asset or a liability? Meetings, project management, communication rhythms – any of these can mean the difference between “okay” and “wild success.”


It doesn’t matter the type of relationship – work or home, team or 1:1. Ultimately, harmony or conflict are driven by only a few key variables, and chief among them are expectations. What are the unspoken drivers that are lifting or quelling your team’s performance? 

Strategic planning & Assessment

How confident are you in your organization’s direction? If you don’t know what a strategic plan is, we can work with you to build one. If you have a plan, then we can assess your goals and process for inevitability. 

Strategic Planning

If we know that random action leads to random results, then why would you leave the fate of your organization up to randomness? We have an entire process that will break down all elements of your current context, and then reshape your ideal future and goals into a series of deliverables that will ensure inevitable success.

Strategic Assessment

Already been through the strategic planning process, but not sure about either A) your organization’s direction or B) the strategic documents guiding the ship? We can review your current strategic plans, interview your team members, and investigate how well your internal behaviors are aligned with your vision. 

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