mighty parents

You already know your kids better than anyone.

Now let us help you understand them better than anyone.

We help parents build powerful relationships with their kids through real-world frameworks and strategies that have proven successful across all areas of society.


Before meaningful change can occur, we have to ensure we have the right mental frameworks.


It’s not just what you say, but the purpose behind those words and their delivery.


Yes, parents are leaders. And ignoring this reality is holding your family back.


All great teams have at their core healthy operating systems – habits, meetings, and more.


Before your family can truly be happy, you first have to design and achieve it for yourself.

different options forward.

a better version of you ahead.

Mighty Parents LAUNCH

In our signature 12-week program, you will be immersed in the core parenting superpowers and supported by weekly coaching sessions to support their implementation.

Coaching Intensives

If your needs are more immediate, then our team can work with you to design a more aggressive option involving 1-2 day intensives where you work with Lester 1:1 to breakdown your current context and redesign your way forward as a Might Parent.

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